Sabrina’s strengths include a versatility that lends itself to adapting and aligning to what’s most important to a client regardless of industry, demographic, or issue.  In my case, she collaborated  to rollout out a leadership program at Abbvie that is still considered the standard two years past.  The introduction to newer formats, i.e.interactive pdfs, a design that reflected the client’s values and an attention to detail assured  success with the project.   One has to understand that she helped me to reinvent RS as not only a niche content expert, but as a company considered to be able to compete with bigger consulting groups.

I’ve leaned on Sabrina to bring graphic design, but also ideas as to what is possible via other mediums (digital, video, etc).  She has helped to expand my business and reframe my perspective.  She is a relentless and restless learner. Patience with a sense of urgency

This is mostly accomplished through a combined sincerity and expertise that makes her indispensable going forward.



I've known and worked with Sabrina on many projects over the past 15 years. She encompasses the visual, emotional and intellectual experiences her customers and colleagues expect of her.  She is resourceful, creative savvy, honest, reliable and a solution-orientated person.   

Sabrina consistently exceeds objectives and expectations of her clients while ensuring every last detail is executed to perfection. Her passion for the industry is only exceeded by the great care she takes with her clients and colleagues.  

/  Donna Marie Travisano • Owner, Managing Partner HMSGS  /


What a pleasure to work with Sabrina! Her beautiful work captured the essence of our company and customer offering.

Users have raved about the sharpness and intuitiveness of our website’s design and our user interface and we have Sabrina to thank.

QShe is easy to work with, professional, very creative and hardworking. Look no further, she’s got the goods!



I have personally hired Sabrina for several creative marketing campaigns over the past years.

She is very responsive, incredibly focused, and timely. From branding to design, her work is exceptional!