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As the brains behind Design Maters LLC, Sabrina has proven just how one woman can go about designing her life with smarts, creative boldness, and tenacity. Coming from a real estate family of Brokers, Contractors, Investors, and attorneys... taking risks and going after goals was always the passage-rite of living. After working in numerous high profile settings in New York City & New Jersey such as Dentsu, Grey Advertising, and HealthEd, she then was asked to join a private firm in the financial district where she started an in-house agency. Here she had the opportunity to manage, direct, and design creative portfolios for Global Fortune 200 Companies ranging in the health, financial, consumer and building products sectors. As she made her way through the design business, she saw the harshness and colder side of what could happen if one did not stay in tuned with the latest in technology, learning from others and their mistakes even some CEO’s she realized that she could offer great ideas to help big business’ stay relevant and started consulting. She currently helps companies build their creative looks from the inside out streamlining brands, building competitive but graphically beautiful proposals, designing sales and training marketing materials on top of digital demands in this current day and age.

“I believe life is what you make it: my mantra is be true, honest and firm in your decisions and life will offer what you invest into it. Building successful brands is my passion and I take great pride in making others look their very best!”


Typical Sabrina: Early riser, entrepreneurial spirit, muti-tasker by day and try to get my full 8 hours by night, make people smile and it makes the work day worthwhile

Passionate About: Being a great wife and mom. Never giving up. Building the Design Maters brand!

Future Itineraries: Manhattan cooking class with the hubby (creative design is not only for print), Disney with the little ones, and more fun excursions

Admires: People who can juggle work, life, play

Sign: Taurus and I embrace it, grabbing life by the horns!


An advocate for working moms, Sabrina believes its important to encourage women to follow their dreams no matter what industry. As part of the LEVO group/ New York chapter, women can build relationships with other professionals where they exchange ideas, innovate and learn from mentors to help adapt to the ever-changing industry of female entrepreneurship.

Other Projects...

As another way of giving back to the community, Sabrina has been the go-to woman to help give job seeker makeovers. She works with clients one-to-one to help rehabilitate their resumes and image based on their dreams and passions and put forth their best foot forward as they re-enter the competing marketplace. "It gives me gratification knowing that I had a helping hand with helping someone achieving their dream job!"
-Sabrina Matera


Referrals are by far the most flattering approach to spreading the word about our agency..
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